Roman Grzejka

VIP Host

Based in Los Angeles, California, Roman Grzejka makes parties unforgettable. He takes pride in pushing each client's event to the next level and provides an amazing atmosphere for every party. Specializing in planning, promoting and hosting VIP events, Roman´s clients include the most exclusive nightclubs throughout Los Angeles.

Roman is originally from Staten Island, NY, where he heavily admired the New York City energy from a young age. Growing up and attending high school in the Pennsylvania Poconos he was always the “life of the party”, he fell in love with the idea of party planning but he would understand that these parties would only last until High School ended. Forced to look beyond that he knew if he wanted to pursue a career in parties he would have to take the leap and go to a destination that would allow him to create his own legacy. Using his own sense of hospitality and instinct he began to leave his own mark in Los Angeles . The idea got clicked in his mind right after the first party he attended and he instantly fell in love with the phenomenon — arranging a party and creating a whole sense of atmosphere and hospitality from the lights, music, drinks and so forth. He moved to Los Angeles on October 31st, 2014 and hasn’t looked back.

After working with PHH Hospitality Group for 5 years he obtained enough knowledge and understanding of the scene to go on and start his own company. In 2019 Roman created Major Hospitality, it would allow him to be hands on and develop his own mark on the hospitality world. PHH Hospitality Group and Major Hospitality would now be affiliated and naturally there would remain a strong mutual partnership with PHH Hospitality & continue their journey in nightlife.

The idea of Major Hospitality is simple. It stemmed from complete dedication to Hospitality. Roman believes this can be easily overlooked, but more important than every other detail. Everyone wants to feel as if they're wanted or important, once you experience that you naturally want to come back for more. This is Romans philosophy, he wants to continue his endeavors and constantly learn new techniques and ways to provide the utmost experience to his guests. His goals are to use his company and with the support of PHH Hospitality to develop his own nightclubs, restaurants and continue to grow as a notable figure in the nightlife industry.

Major Hospitality is online at For more insight on myself and my company follow @romandamianla & @majorhospitality on Instagram.

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