Every event, party and festival, or any other celebration needs some promotion for its success. Without pre-planning, even the best events fail. Our company PHH Promotions consists of a team of experts, trained professionals and dedicated individuals who provide promotions throughout Hollywood California. We make sure that your events end perfectly and your parties are a source of unending excitement. Our services include bottle service, VIP hosting and event hosting. We have many satisfied clients from every nightclub in California and the numbers are rapidly growing every day.

We take pride in helping our customers and in making their parties an unforgettable experience. Support of client’s needs is not possible without a well-dedicated promotion team. For us, our customers are our top priority and their satisfaction is important. We have a vision of seeing every celebration and every festivity as the most amazing one in the city. With the right promotion, hosting, and planning completed, we believe that every event can be a huge success. Besides, we work towards achieving our goals with dedication and perseverance.

You can find more information on our Facebook page and Instagram profile, hit the like button and stay updated on what we have been doing lately. Scroll through the photos and you will know why our events are a success. We will keep you posted about our upcoming parties as well as other plans. We guarantee that you will not regret being a part of our company and move along in our remarkable journey. We would love for you to grow with us and we look forward to seeing you.

My full name is Ruben Hardy Vibert. In California I’m known as Hardy Hollywood, the founder of PHH Hospitality Group located in Hollywood. Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts I always had a way of throwing fabulous parties. A fascination for partying grew even larger as the parties got bigger and more fun. I moved out to California in 2012 to pursue my degree in Computer Science. The idea was to begin the second chapter of my life in a new city with new faces while discovering the Hollywood nightlife scene. I was always fascinated by the glitters of the nightlife and the glam of Hollywood which provided the perfect combination. These factors played a significant role in igniting my passions for nightlife and partying.

I started my first job at the PlayHouse NightClub in 2012. I must admit that I owe a lot to the people over at PlayHouse NightClub. They helped me catalyze the process of entering the ultimate nightlife scene. PlayHouse showed full trust and hired me with almost no experience at all. People say many good things about the host I am today, but in truth, it was PlayHouse NightClub that enhanced my skills and made me the person I am in this business today.

Embarking in the never-ending glamour and nightlife craziness, I launched my very own promotion company under the name PHH Promotions. Having been in the industry for a long time, we know all the tactics to make your party a success. Additionally, we have a systematic method of packing the party with quality patrons to making the event a success with real strategies. My idea of good business is turning client relationships into more of a friendly relationship which makes the work easier and more fun. Nightlife experience has taught me to be sentimentally involved with all the promotions. In addition, whether the need is that for a nightclub or a private party, help is available. Customer support helps create a win-win situation for my clients and myself. Also, happy clients help me build my reputation gaining consumer loyalty.

My utmost desire, with all the events I promote, is to provide a highly driven and mesmerizingly fun environment. For the last three years, I have successfully promoted, developed and activated the hottest nightclubs in Hollywood. Thus, making a hallmark in nightlife with my very own unique brand of entertainment. I am a party freak and nightlife lover, which makes this business the most alluring and exciting venture for me.


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